Student Story Maps

Throughout the River Journey project students created GIS Story Maps using ArcGIS Online.
The following links are the main story maps for each class or area of exploration.
Once you enter these story maps, you can find links to individual student work for that topic.

River Journey: Exploring the Value of the Mississippi River
Main River Journey Map that serves as a project introduction and links to all the other maps

Students go on a River Journey to trace the water that flows from the Mississippi River, through water infrastructure to their school's kitchen sink, and then follow that water downstream through the wastewater treatment plant and back to the Mississippi River.
Students explore a variety of ecological issues along the length of the Mississippi River

Students interview people about their relationship to the Mississippi River

Students analyze Twin Cities population projections and speculate on what this means for future water demand.

Strategic Waters
Students examine historical maps from the Civil War, and consider the role of water.

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