Tuesday, May 12, 2015

River Journey to be featured in Presentation to Metro Watershed Partners

Project Leader, Jonee Kulman Brigham, will present River Journey, along with other projects using the Earth Systems Journey model, Wednesday, May 13th, at the Metro Watershed Partners meeting in a talk called, Art, Story, and Environmental Education: Exploring Water Systems with Earth Systems Journey.

From the announcement:
Where does our water come from? Where does it go? And what does the Mississippi River have to do with the every day lives of most people in the Twin Cities area? These questions guide the design of Earth Systems Journey, a model for art-led environmental education, now in its third pilot project. In one way, it is an approach for basic water infrastructure literacy, but more importantly, Earth Systems Journey is designed to create personal experiences of interconnection with the river and the technologies that connect it to the built environment of every day life by using the power of story and the insights of systems thinking.

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